Welcome to Vastrap Boran!


VASTRAP BORAN (VST) is a Boran cattle stud owned by Quentin and Marisa de Bruyn and is based on Vastrap Farm near Ladybrand in the Eastern Free State of South Africa. Since 1870, Vastrap has produced four generations of “de Bruyn” farmers. Quentin took over the family farm in 2000 and immediately developed a passion for cattle. After a decade of commercial cattle farming, he started a Boran cattle stud in 2010 with the philosophy of having the best core foundation DAM genetics in South Africa. He visited Kenya in September 2010 to experience first-hand what the breed has to offer (see Visiting the Boran in Kenya). He returned home more convinced than ever and shortly thereafter took the big step of purchasing JACKIE MHB 05-08 (see The JACKIE bloodline), a polled Boran cow with exceptional phenotype and unrivaled flushing ability.

In 2011, Vastrap Boran acquired the entire Mollshoop Boran (MHB) stud from Jacques Moll and Friedl von Maltits thereby establishing it as a force in the Boran stud industry. In addition to top genetics, Vastrap Boran strives to bring passion, commitment, knowledge, reliability and love of stock farming to the table.

Vastrap Boran has continued Mollshoop’s tradition of naming every female Boran cow that is related on the DAM side by the same name. For example, every JACKIE daughter is also a JACKIE, while the Boran bull calves get given names starting with first letter of their mother’s name e.g. “J” for Jackie, such as Justice. Our main stud sire until this year was Rustin MHB 06-30, a ROSE son (see The ROSE bloodline).


The Boran developed after the introduction of Bos Indicus cattle to Africa after the Arab invasion of East Africa in about 700 AD. The breed gets its name from the Borana plateau in Southern Ethiopia, a region with harsh high altitude climatic conditions and frequent drought. Its genetic make-up is Bos Indicus (64%) and Bos Taurus (36%). For more details on the origins of Boran cattle see “The Boran: God’s Gift to Cattlemen“.

The Boran is ideally suited for producing high quality meat with low input costs, a key attribute for organic grass-fed beef. It can be successfully fattened off the veld thanks to its tremendous rumen capacity, ease of movement over harsh territory and browsing ability. The Boran has been a pure breed for 1 300 years giving it greater hybrid vigour in cross-breeding programmes than modern compound breeds. Indigenous Boran have many benefits for commercial farmers: resistance to ticks, biting insects and disease; maintaining condition during drought; protection from predation and theft due to its strong herd instinct; good temperament, strong mothering instinct, high fertility and longevity.


Visit our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/VastrapBoran for more information on current sales and events. Click here for sales of Boran Bulls, Boran Semen and Boran Embryos and more information on the 2014 Vastrap Boran Auction.


Breeding herd running with Rustin MHB 06-30 in 2014.

Cindy MHB 07-10 (Cindy MHB 04-06 & Voorslag TLM 02-03)  - On offer at the 2014 Vastrap Boran Auction!

Cindy MHB 07-10 (Cindy MHB 04-06 & Voorslag TLM 02-03) – On offer at the 2014 Vastrap Boran Auction!

The famous Jackie MHB 05-08.

The famous Jackie MHB 05-08.

Flush group with calves.

Ginger, Rose and Jackie with calves.

Hope MHB

The magnificent Hope MHB 04-11.

Rustin MHB 06-30 - our main stud sire from 2010 to 2014.

Rustin MHB 06-30 (Marula 25) – our main stud sire between 2010 and 2014.

Goliat MHB 06-47 sired by NDA 9.

Goliat MHB 06-47 sired by NDA 9.

2014-04-08_0001 Boran humps

11 thoughts on “Welcome to Vastrap Boran!

  1. Hi. My name is Park Munkombwe from Zambia. I ve spent two hours going through your website. Very interesting. I got inspired. In zambia borans are common and do well. I have a few myself. I’m developing a heard but am crossing bonsimara females with boran bull. So reading your story has really given renewed energy.

    • Hi Park. Sorry about the late reply. Hope your farming is going well. If ever you are in SA you are welcome to come and visit. Cheers Quentin

  2. Hi Guys, i am from Zimbabwe and i just can not explain the feeling i have for your Boran project, hey you guys are stunning ! how realistic is flushing a cow and does it required technical people or anyone can do that at his farm. i wanna try one.

    • Hi Fortune, thanks very much for your positive feedback. We think the Boran are stunning too! Embryo flushing is very technical and needs experienced people to prepare the cows correctly for the flushing artificially inseminate the cows,harvest the embryos, assess their quality and then re-implant them. We use a great team of veterinary scientist from Embryo Plus in Brits. Regards, Quentin.

  3. Hi guys my name is Bob an Aussie & I have started a project with buying some borans from Giles at Olpejeta with my Massai friend from the Mara. Today we bought another 5 heifers so we now have 15 head, anyway my wife and I are slowly making our way down to .SA . Will be there in October so hopefully we can catch up with yous & other boran breeders.. love your Borans.

    • Hi Bob, great to hear from you! We’d love to host you here in South Africa. We’re close to the border of Lesotho in the Eastern Free State. We spent our honeymoon at Ol Pejeta and other parts of Kenya so it holds many happy memories for us. Travel safely and hope to meet you and Cheryl later this year! Best, Quentin & Marisa

    • Hi Thuthukani. Boran bulls are only inspected and approved by the Boran society at the age of two years. We only sell our bulls at 3 years after they’ve been inspected and after we have a clearer idea of their quality.

      I have several 2010 bulls for sale at R25’000. If you take more than 1, I give R5000 discount.


  4. Dear Quintin,

    Have you sold Zappa, Jackpot and Jolly at your last auction? If not, I am interested in purchasing one of them. Please contact me on my email address. Many thanks.

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