2018 Vastrap Auction: Boran Bulls on Offer

We will be offering 20 of our best performance tested 3 year old SP Boran bulls at the 2018 Vastrap Auction and a few bulls from our guest sellers. We aim to breed hard masculine bulls with manly heads and muscular hocks and forearms. We like larger framed bulls with broad chests and strong straight backs. They have been selected on their performance relative to each other in veld conditions and all underwent Studbook Phase D performance testing. Vastrap bulls are highly adaptable and ready to work!

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VST 15-127 (Beverley BOS 11-167 x Zed DLV 10-17)

VST 15-68 (Jackie VST 12-40 x Redbull DLV 08-02)

VST 15-101 (Jackie MHB 05-06 x Husky MHB 07-09)

VST 15-133 (Iris MOU 11-173 x Power MHB 11-51)

VST 15-70 (Hope MHB 04-11 x Redbull DLV 08-02)

VST 15-104 (Jackie MHB 09-22 x Rustin MHB 06-30)

VST 15-128 (Lilly MHB 11-85 x Zed DLV 10-17)