2019 Vastrap Auction: Cows on Offer

2019 Vastrap Auction Catalogue


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Each year at the Vastrap Auction we offer all our 7-year old pregnant cows for sale. The quality of the offering this year is exceptional, including some of Vastrap’s best performing herd matriarchs.

Click on the link to download –> Cow & Heifer Performance Data

Click on the link for Cow Flushing records –> Flush Records – 2012 COWS


Final Lot Order

3 Jackie VST 12-6111 Kelly VST 12-11316B Ginger VST 12-11528A Jackie VST 12-0428B Jackie VST 12-4033 Jackie VST 12-5936A Jackie VST 12-3836B Jackie VST 12-4437 Jackie VST 12-5643 Savanna VST 12-5844 Savanna VST 12-6049A Kelly VST 12-12449B Kelly VST 12-67