2015 Vastrap Boran Auction

Here is a taste of the offering at the Vastrap Auction on Friday, 14 August. This year our offering has a huge diversity of female bloodlines and the 2008 year-group is probably the best, in our opinion. As you will see there are daughters of Hope, Kelly, Rose, Odette & Jackie, amongst others. Our bulls have once again gone through very rigorous selection assisted by performance testing and independent evaluation by a panel of breeders. Only the top 18 three-year old Vastrap Bulls are on offer at the sale.

Please note: we have arrangement transport free of charge to Ventersdorp (via Kroon Boma), Bethal (via Bethlehem) & Fort Beaufort (via Queenstown). 

Click on the link to download the full auction catalogue – 2015 Vastrap Auction Catalogue

Click HERE for more information about the 2008 Vastrap cows on offer.

Click HERE for more information about the Vastrap Bulls on Offer.

There is also a selection of beautiful Vastrap heifers. Click HERE.

Click HERE for more information about the animals offered by our Partners & Guest Sellers. 

Please click HERE for information on auction logistics and accommodation recommendations in Ladybrand.

Transport & Quarantine

Vastrap_Boran_A3 Brochures_2015_1 Vastrap_Boran_A3 Brochures_2015_2
Vastrap_Boran_A3 Brochures_2015_3Vastrap_Boran_A3 Brochures_2015_4

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