Top Honours for Vastrap Boran

Vastrap Boran was awarded the Jacques Moll Snr Trophy for being the most productive large Boran herd in South Africa in 2022. The Boran cattle industry has shown tremendous growth in recent years with a big increase in the quantity and quality of stud Boran in South Africa. In this increasingly competitive environment it is a huge honour for the Vastrap herd to be recognised as one of the best!

While it is amazing to receive this recognition from the Boran Society of South Africa, we don’t do what we do to win awards. On the contrary, the effort we put into measuring the performance of our animals is critical to inform our breeding strategy and to support a sustainable and profitable stud herd. Measurement helps us to make better selection decisions, which improves the overall performance of our herd in terms of fertility, wean weights, and cow/calf efficiency ratios.

For the past 12 years Vastrap Boran has been a leader in performance measurement. Every animal born at Vastrap has a birth and wean weight; their mother’s weight at weaning; and a 12 and 18 month weight. Every single SP stud animal is also DNA parentage verified. In addition, 95% of bull calves born at Vastrap are phase D performance tested making the EBVs of Vastrap animals by far the most accurate and reliable in the Boran industry.

We do all these things help to make the Vastrap herd more productive and more profitable over the long term, but what does this mean for buyers of Vastrap animals? Well, it means that you can rely on the EBVs of Vastrap animals to make informed decisions about which animals would best suit your breeding requirements. Accurate EBVs are like gold to a buyer – a transparent view into the breeding potential of an animal. No matter an animal’s looks, if you don’t know what his/her potential is (based on accurate measurement over a long period of time) you are really shooting in the dark. For more information on how to use EBVs in selection please read the article linked below.


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