2020 Vastrap Auction: Results

2020 Vastrap Auction: Results

Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s Vastrap Auction. The current economic and social climate in South Africa is extremely challenging with Covid-19 having a devastating impact on many industries and livelihoods. Against this backdrop, we are extremely grateful that agriculture has been able to carry on largely as normal. Indeed, the current buoyant mood in the agricultural sector as a whole is quite surreal and something that we do not take for granted.

We are very blessed to be able to report on a hugely successful 2020 Vastrap Auction. Here is a summary of the results.

Average price Highest Price

              R 73 809

  R 250 000
Cows              R  60 765   R 100 000
Cow with calf             R 168 750   R 500 000
Heifers                R 79 791  R  400 000
Pen Poster - Stenson - PRB 15 34 copy a

Sold for R250’000 to Cyril Ramaphosa’s Ntaba Nyoni Boran Stud.

16. VST 17-125

Sold to Elpheus Denga for R200’000.

27 BWS 16-102

Sold to Lilianne Victor for R120’000.

26 bws14-25

Sold for R100’000 to Keith Peinke of Peinke Ranch.

45. Jackie VST 13-60_1

Sold for R90’000 to Keith Peinke of Peinke Ranch

62. Whitney VST 13-86

Sold for R80’000 to Marius Meyer from Mountain View Borane.

19. Jackie VST 13-54

Sold for R80’000 to Elpheus Denga.


Pen Poster - Shakira PRB 13 19 & PRB 19 46 copy

Sold for R500’000 to Simeon & Jarren Hurwitz of Hurwitz Farming.

Pen Poster - Celine PRB 17 48 copy

Sold for R400’000 to Yolandie Botha and Danie Velthuysen.

Pen Poster - Latika - PRB 17 45 and bull calf PRB 20 07 copy

Sold for R220’000 to Yolandie Botha & Danie Velthuysen.

Pen Poster - Shakira PRB 17 60 withbull calf PRB 20 08 copy

Sold for R190’000 to Yolandie Botha & Danie Velthuysen.


Cattle branding tips

Quentin made this video on how to brand cattle neatly and efficiently. This is something that can be very hard to do if you don’t have the right equipment and good technique.

Cattle branding is the primary means by which animals are identified in South Africa and it is compulsory by law to brand all cattle.

The tool used to calm the animals is called an immobiliser and it sends an electric pulse into the animal’s rectum. The one we use is from Rau Easy Farming –> http://raueasy.com/animal-immobilizer-south-africa/ . Watch until the end of the video for a full explanation of how it works.

The branding irons and gas stove are from Taltec. http://www.taltec.co.za/cattle.html#cattle-equipment-hero-pic .