In the interests of transparency, our auction policy is to sell every single one of our own-bred 7 year old cows. This year there are 10 stunning 2009 cows on offer plus three older cows. See details below in LOT order.

Click on the link to download a pdf file with all the cow posters – Vastrap COWS book.pdf

Click on the link for the cow flushing records – Flushing records-Auction 19-08-16.

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Savanna MHB 09-13-1 Jackie MHB 09-07-1 Kelly MHB 09-33-1Odette MHB 09-03-1Jackie MHB 09-22-1Jackie MHB 09-24-1Jackie MHB 05-10Jackie MHB 09-20-1Shakira PRB 09-10-1Rose MHB 09-09-1PRB 09-18Hope MHB 09-18-1Jackie MHB 07-29(1)-2Fiona CI 07-101-2Lot 68 EG09-53