Welcome to Vastrap Boran!

Vastrap Boran (VST) is a Boran cattle stud based near Ladybrand in the Eastern Free State and is owned by Quentin and Marisa de Bruyn. We registered our stud in 2010 after the acquisition of our first stud cow, Eve TLM 02-43, our original herd matriach. This purchase was closely followed with the purchase of the now famous Jackie MHB 05-08 (see the Jackie story here), which really put Vastrap Boran on the map. The Boran quickly stole both our hearts and minds. Our transition to this wonderful breed was completed with the purchase of the renowned Mollshoop Boran stud in 2011, which was originally established in 1999.

See About Us for more details on how our stud was established and Why the Boran? for more information about Boran cattle. See The Boran: God’s Gift to Cattlemen for more details on the origins and special attributes of Boran cattle.

We are passionate about the Boran breed and absolutely convinced about the positive influence the Boran will have on the South African beef industry. As an African indigenous breed, Boran cattle have many beneficial characteristics, such as high resistance to ticks, biting insects and disease; the ability to maintain condition during drought (see Boran resilient through extreme drought); a strong herd instinct which provides protection from predation and theft; good temperament, strong mothering instincts, high fertility and longevity. In addition, unlike many European cattle breeds, Boran cattle can be fattened off the veld which a huge advantage in the production of organic grass-fed beef.

The Boran’s single biggest selling point is the advantage gained by using it as a corner stone in any cross-breeding beef production programme. Not only has the Boran been a pure breed for 1 300 years, but genome testing has confirmed that it is further removed genetically than any other breed in South Africa. It therefore should yield incredible hybrid vigour in any cross-breeding programme, whilst contributing all its other benefits  mentioned above, such as low maintenance, fattening off the veld and resistance to diseases. In our opinion this is where the future lies for the Boran in South Africa – as the #1 choice in any cross-breeding beef production programme!

We have personally experienced the incredible hybrid vigour yielded by the Boran in our own commercial herd where we cross breed Boran bulls with Angus cows (see The Commercial Future of the Boran: Cross-Breeding and Boran x Angus Cross Yields Results!)

Vastrap genetics are offered for sale at the annual Vastrap Boran Auction, which takes place on the third Friday of August each year (see 2021 Vastrap Auction). In order to be transparent, our auction policy is to sell all of our own-bred pregnant 7-year old cows (no exceptions!) and only 20 of our best performance tested 3-year old bulls. A selection of heifers is also offered. Click HERE for results of the 2020 Vastrap Auction.

We think it’s important to build lasting relationships with fellow breeders and our clients. For this reason we welcome farm visits and make an effort to travel around the country to visit other breeders. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to arrange a visit. We are always happy to share our experience and to learn from others!

We sell a limited number of Boran heifers, cows and bulls out of hand off the farm throughout the year. Details of semen and embryos for sale are also available on the website.


Like us on Facebook to receive all updates of our website and blog – http://www.facebook.com/VastrapBoran

Click here for sales of Boran Bulls, Boran Semen and Boran Embryos.

The famous Jackie MHB 05-08.
The famous Jackie MHB 05-08 the first big investment we made in the Boran.
Hope MHB
The Vastrap herd matriarch Hope MHB 04-11.
Rustin MHB 06-30 - our main stud sire from 2010 to 2014.
Rustin MHB 06-30 (Marula 25) – our main stud sire between 2010 and 2014.
Quentin with Hope MHB 04-11.
Nothing beats a bit of Boran bonding!
Nothing beats a bit of Boran bonding!
Introducing our daughter, Livia to the Boran!
Introducing our daughter, Livia to the Boran!

60 thoughts on “Welcome to Vastrap Boran!

  1. Hi. My name is Park Munkombwe from Zambia. I ve spent two hours going through your website. Very interesting. I got inspired. In zambia borans are common and do well. I have a few myself. I’m developing a heard but am crossing bonsimara females with boran bull. So reading your story has really given renewed energy.

    • Hi Park. Sorry about the late reply. Hope your farming is going well. If ever you are in SA you are welcome to come and visit. Cheers Quentin

  2. Hi Guys, i am from Zimbabwe and i just can not explain the feeling i have for your Boran project, hey you guys are stunning ! how realistic is flushing a cow and does it required technical people or anyone can do that at his farm. i wanna try one.

    • Hi Fortune, thanks very much for your positive feedback. We think the Boran are stunning too! Embryo flushing is very technical and needs experienced people to prepare the cows correctly for the flushing artificially inseminate the cows,harvest the embryos, assess their quality and then re-implant them. We use a great team of veterinary scientist from Embryo Plus in Brits. Regards, Quentin.

  3. Hi guys my name is Bob an Aussie & I have started a project with buying some borans from Giles at Olpejeta with my Massai friend from the Mara. Today we bought another 5 heifers so we now have 15 head, anyway my wife and I are slowly making our way down to .SA . Will be there in October so hopefully we can catch up with yous & other boran breeders.. love your Borans.

    • Hi Bob, great to hear from you! We’d love to host you here in South Africa. We’re close to the border of Lesotho in the Eastern Free State. We spent our honeymoon at Ol Pejeta and other parts of Kenya so it holds many happy memories for us. Travel safely and hope to meet you and Cheryl later this year! Best, Quentin & Marisa

  4. Dear Quintin,

    Have you sold Zappa, Jackpot and Jolly at your last auction? If not, I am interested in purchasing one of them. Please contact me on my email address. Many thanks.

    • Hi

      The two main purposes are to use the Boran bull to cross breed with existing SA breeds because of the Boran’s hybrid vigour.
      The other is to produce low cost beef. The Boran are excellent forage converters and are also browsers. They are resistant to biting insects because of their thick movable skin and therefore save costs in terms of reduced mortality and vetinary/medical costs.
      Most importantly, they are beautiful and functional and steal any cattleman’s heart.

      Hope that helps


  5. Good Morning,
    I love animals so much and I also have some cattle (brahman and mixed breed simmentaler verse) with a white bull but I’ve got to hand it to you guys wow those Boran breeds a very beautiful and their bulls are much more handsome,wow next year I want to get myself a young Boran Bull,I would like to make mixed breeds,after what I just saw I’m voting for Boran

    • Thank you for visiting our site Rakgosi and for taking the time to give us such great feedback! We agree with you wholeheartedly that the Boran Bulls are handsome and even better, they deliver exceptional calves when used in cross breeding. You are very welcome to come and visit us any time to see our cattle in person. You will not be disappointed!!

    • Hi Rakgosi

      Thank you for your kind remarks. As you can see, we have fallen head over heels in love with the Boran. I currently have several bulls that I am selling out of hand. Price range is R25k to R35k.

      Otherwise our annual bull sale is in August every year. You are welcome to arrange a farm visit as well.


  6. i would like to purchase boran heifers in 2015 but have no idea as to how is cost per head..like average price.Would you pls give me a clue.

    • Hi Norman. Where are you from? I suggest you come and visit. We are in Ladybrand on the Lesotho border. Heifer vary in price from R100’000 to R18’000 – depending in quality, genetic rarity and pregnancy status. You pay peanuts your will get monkeys.

    • Charles, I am more than willing to sell some heifers to you. I have three groups. R60’000 for my absolute top quality heifers. R35’000 for second best group and R20’000 for the average group. If you want F1 boran cross heifers, those go for R10000 to R12000.

      • Hi

        I am from zimbabwe and starting a beef cattle project midyear 2015. Just wanted to find out the actual price of a boran heifer and if i want to buy a head of 50 how much would it cost. Beutifull stuff !!! Love your boran.

  7. Hi Quentin
    Once again I will sincerely like to express my in ability to get across to you regarding the export of Boran semen to Nigeria because of the election that just took place in Nigeria.i will soon get back to you with all my paper permit to enable me buy some semen.
    My regards to your wife Marisa
    Ibrahim Mohammed Askirama

    • Thanks for the update Ibrahim. We completely understand the situation. There is no rush from our side. The most important thing is that the procedures are in place and that you eventually get the best possible genetics to make a good start for the Boran in Nigeria.
      Regards, Quentin

  8. Hoping to visit your farm sometimes next year for bench marking purposes. I need to start my own boran stud breeding in 2017, so how much could be the total cost for 20 heifers of jackie, savanna and or rustin blood line and a bull good to establish a stud breeding

  9. I would like to ask if you are selling one week to four weeks old bull calves as I am breeding from that age to 9months then sell to feedlots.Looking forward hearing from you soon.Thank you.

  10. Dear Quentin, I am a Ugandan veterinarian currently working and living in Zimbabwe. Like most of the readers, I am interested in establishing a Boran breeding project in Uganda on a 1,800 acre ranch that currently holds local zebu and Ankole cattle. I would like to arrange to visit your project with a view to assessing the options – i.e. to purchase and export live animals (bulls and heifers) or to go down the AI/embryo transfer routes etc. Please let me know when you are available to discuss further.

  11. Good Evening, I really like your Boran breed. I have been pondering on which breed to stick to, I like ur Boran and angus breed an ideal African breed.

  12. If I may ask as a new or upcoming farmer will you recommend I consider starting with pure Boran, please advice.

    Well I do like boranes but I wonder they are not expensive to keep and whether they have good returns (ROE)

  13. It is interesting to see how far you guys have come. I really want to thank you for the way you have inspired me . I am from Zambia and currently am trying to build up a herd of Boran mixed with the local Angoni breed. With you article on your web site i will truly go and do Borans . The few i Have so far are doing well.

    • Hi Armitage, thank you so much for getting in touch! We are very pleased to hear that our story has helped you. We love sharing our knowledge and passion of the Boran. All the best with your Boran farming!

    • Hi Simon, thank you for your enquiry. We do have a few bulls for sale if you look under our Bulls for Sale page. However, we are busy preparing our 3 year old Bulls that will be sold at the Vastrap Auction on 19 August. If you are based in the Free State then you are welcome to set up an appointment to come and visit us and see all the bulls. Regards, Quentin

  14. Hi Quentin. Really impressed with your website and what you are doing with the Boran. I started using them in Zim, but had to stop when we got shut down. Have you exported any semen to Australia yet? Im sure you probably have. Im looking to get back into breeding them and crossing with Piedmontese to start. Only have a very small hobby herd at present. Could you let me know if you have semen, what bulls they from and how much they are worth? I like the look of Impi. Thanks. Mark

    • Hi Mark, thanks for your kind comments. Where in
      Australia are you based? Unfortunately there is no export protocol with Australia. At the moment we can only export semen to other African countries. A couple of quarantine centers are trying to negotiate to export embryos to Australia but there’s still no protocol in place. Really sorry not to be able to help you! Regards, Quentin

      • Hi Quentin
        Thanks for the reply. We are up near Cairns in north Queensland. We’ll have to see what has to be done from this side. I hope to be in touch soon.Regards

  15. Hello guys
    My name is Divine from zimbabwe, I have a herd of about 50 brahman cattle and I looking for 20 pure bred boran heifers and 2 bulls. what would be the price for long weaners

    • Hi Divine
      Thank you very much for getting in touch. We only sell fully registered pregnant heifers, no long weaners. Our auction is on 19 August and you will be able to get the best quality bulls at the auction for as little as R18000. There will be 20 Bulls on offer and 24 good quality SP heifers. We’re not selling anything off the farm until later in the year. Please let us know if you have anymore questions. We will be putting a lot more information on the website over the next few weeks.
      Regards, Quentjn

  16. Hi I’m in zimbabwe looking forward to buy 25 breeding age Boran heifers from south africa kindly assist where I can get them

    • Hi Surpose,
      Thank you for your enquiry. We will have 24 heifers on offer at the Vastrap Auction on 19 August. We won’t be selling anything off the farm until next year so that will be your best option.
      Regards, Quentin

  17. Hi Guys, my name is Billy Moganedi and breeding brahman cattle from well known breeders like Klein-cor, R10 and Loriza but will like to comment on your exceptionally Borans. I will Love to have a few of your breed to try them out. I am very impressed and stunned at the same time. Yooooo

    • Hi Billy
      Great to hear from you! Thank you for taking the time to look at our animals. We’re very glad that you are impressed!! We would love to have you visit some time to show you the Boran and share our passion for the breed with a fellow cattleman.
      Regards, Quentin & Marisa

  18. Hi guys,
    This Motaung HJ again, will like to mentioned that i am situated in Reitz free state, and will like to buy this wonderful breed.

    Kind regards,
    Motaung HJ

    • Hi Motaung
      Thanks so much for getting in touch with us. We’re glad you love the Boran! Since you are relatively close to us it would be great if you could set up a time to come and visit us. We don’t really have any animals to sell at the moment but we would love to show you our animals so that you can learn more about the breed before you buy. I will send you an email to set up a visit.
      Best regards,

  19. Hi, I have gone though your website and I’m very much impressed. I have always admired your herd when I pass there. Good work there you inspire we shall holders. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Good afternoon.
    My name is Chaka Mumba from Zambia. I have really enjoyed going through your website and seeing your work which I must say has left me inspired to do more with my small herd of cattle. I have great aspirations incattle farming and will make sure next time I am in SA I find time to visit your farm if allowed.

  21. Hi Guys
    God knows my resolution and plan in 2021 is to own cattle. My dad owns some white Brahmans and I want to breed Borans. I wish to invest in two pregnant heifers preferably first calves and a 4-6 month old bull.
    Please respond to my email address with an estimate of how much will I need for this. I am in northwest but will collect.
    This type of breed just stole my heart few months ago.


  22. Evening sir /madam

    Do you offer artificial insemination services?, I want to mate my heifer and it’s not a Brahman breed

  23. Evening sir /madam

    Do you offer artificial insemination services?, I want to mate my heifer and it’s not a Brahman breed, I am in Lesotho Maseru. Thank you

  24. Good morning Quentin and Marisa, my name is Senzo Shezi from Pietermaritzburg, KZN. I have read your story quite a few times it’s very interesting and inspiring.
    I have just developed a passion for farming and Boran cattle have stolen my heart. I have just bought 2 pregnant Boran cows in February. I am looking for pregnant cows and calves (Boran of course) to grow my herd so I was wondering if you do have any for sale. I will also appreciate your advice to me as an aspiring Boran breeder.

    Hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

    Kind regards

  25. Hi
    My name is Marcus Sello Mokoka, I really love your boran so I wanna know if you also sell commercial boran

    Thanks in advance

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