Goliat MHB 06-47

Goliat MHB 06-47 (NDA 9 x KPO 303).

Goliat MHB 06-47 (NDA 9 x KPO 303).

This impressive Boran bull, Goliat MHB 06-47 (NDA 9 x KPO 303), derives his name from his damline, which is Ginger. The Granddam of the Ginger bloodline is KPO 303 which is also the damline of HVT 97-017 (717). KPO 303 is one of Francois Smit’s favourite cows and amongst the very best Ol Pejeta cows. As can be seen from the photo below, NDA 9 is a truly impressive animal! For those looking for larger framed animals that carry a lot of beef, this is the line to look for.

KPO 303.

KPO 303.

NDA 9 - in the words of Johan van der Nest, "'n dikgat bul!

NDA 9 – as Johan van der Nest would say, ‘n dikgat bul!

Goliat does not have K6K 2459 or KPO 786 in his genetics, which makes him a very valuable asset in any Boran herd. His full sister Ginger MHB 06-48 was sold in 2012 to Tom Breytenbach of Brenaisance Wine and Stud for R400 000. His full brother Griffen MHB 06-24 is also a top stud sire.

Goliat’s greatest strength is the width across his chest. I have never seen another Boran bull with so much width. Both his siblings also have this impressive feature. Two of my best young animals are both from this breeding. A heifer calf of Ginger MHB 06-48 by Khan and a heifer calf of Liandri CI 08-146 by Goliat.

Goliat has been heavily used in the VASTRAP BORAN stud in the past three breeding seasons and already has some impressive offspring, including one of our top heifers, Kelly VST 12-100 from Kelly MHB 04-24. Strangely enough, he has not produced any bont offspring unlike his brother Griffen.

Goliat was sold to Groenland Borane from Koppies in February 2015.

Goliat MHB 06-47 sired by NDA 9.

Goliat MHB 06-47 sired by NDA 9.

Ginger MHB 06-48, Goliat's full sister.

Ginger MHB 06-48, Goliat’s full sister.

One thought on “Goliat MHB 06-47

  1. Sir iv been lookng at the pictures of ur cows n im really impressd,also msd seeng those pretty cows face to face.u really achivd much n may God b wth u forevr n evr on a wonderful work u do.frm Max(Rahab’s grandson)

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