In addition to SP Boran animals, we have also included about 80 commercial and appendix animals on the auction. Here are some of the registered Appendix animals. They vary from F1 to F3. These are mostly from Angus motherlines with stud Boran bulls.

Boran(F3) VST 12-153
LOT 68A – Boran(F3) VST 12-153
Boran(F3) VST 12-163
LOT 68B – Boran (F3) VST 12-163
Boran(F2) VST 12-164
LOT 69B – Boran (F2) VST 12-164
Boran(F2) VST 11-61
LOT 69C: Boran (F2) VST 11-61
Boran(F2) VST 11-67
LOT 70A: Boran(F2) VST 11-67
Boran(F2) VST 09-01
LOT 70B: Boran(F2) VST 09-01
Boran(F2) VST 09-06
LOT 70C: Boran(F2) VST 09-06
Boran(F1) VST 11-85
LOT 71A: Boran (F1) VST 11-85
Boran(F2) VST 13-213
LOT 71C: Boran(F2) VST 13-213
Boran(F1) VST 11-73
LOT 72: Boran(F1) VST 11-73
Boran(F1) VST 11-90
LOT 73B: Boran (F1) VST 11-90