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Here is a preview of some of the pregnant SP Boran heifers being offered at the 2018 Vastrap Auction. There will be about 40 heifers in total from Vastrap, Peinke Ranch, Frontier, Bloodline, Heeltevrede, Brenaissance and others.

All our heifers are DNA verified, certified pregnant, and tested negatively for TB and CA.

Inoculations: S-19, lumpy skin, Anthrax, Covexin (x2) and Bovishield. 

Production records: birth weight, wean weight, 12 month weight and 18 month weight.

VST 15-95VST 15-99VST 15-90VST 14-92VST 15-122VST 15-123VST 15-148VST 15-04-1VST 15-73VST 15-136VST 15-66VST 14-56VST 15-69VST 15-59VST 15-157VST 15-83VST 14-96K 15-318VST 14-97VST 14-70VST 15-05VST 15-42VST 15-84VST 15-110VST 15-132-1MC 14-05