We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who travelled from near and far to support the 2018 Vastrap Auction. Congratulations to all the buyers! We had the biggest turnout ever this year with visitors from all over South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. We were blessed with a beautiful day and everyone seemed to enjoy the personal home-style atmosphere we aim to create. The dinner on the evening before the auction is always a highlight for us as it provides an opportunity to host people in our home and socialise in a relaxed manner before the craziness of auction day.

Summary of Auction Stats:

Average price of Bulls: R44’000 (highest price R100’000)

Average price of Females: R49’500 (highest price R140’000) – 100% of females offered were sold.

Boran cattle are our passion and the Boran community have enriched our lives in ways we never thought possible. Thank you for your support and we look forward to doing it all again next year!

VST 15-74
VST 15-74 sold for R100’000 to Sfiso Shezi
VST 15-70
VST 15-70 sold for R85’000 to Theron Familie Trust
VST 15-124
VST 15-124 sold for R65’000 to Gert Oosthuisen
Latika - PRB16 21 copy
Latika PRB 16-21 sold for R140’000 to Quentin de Bruyn (Vastrap Boran)
Britney - PRB 16 12 copy
Britney PRB sold for R100’000 to Stephen Johnson (Frontier Boran)
VST 15-73
Jackie VST 15-73 sold for R90’000 to Conrad Hollenbach
VST 15-136
Jackie VST 15-136 sold for R80’000 to Sfiso Shezi
VST 15-59
Annabelle VST 15-59 sold for R75’000 to Keith Peinke (Peinke Ranch)