Brave MHB 09-04 (Marula 25 x ADC 8427) is the second direct Marula 25 son used in the Vastrap herd. His mother is a Mutara cow (ADC 8427) that has no other offspring in South Africa. He is three years younger than Rustin MHB 06-30 and therefore mostly played second fiddle. Since the sale of Rustin, he has been used much more extensively and in the last two years has seriously come into his own. I like this bull more every time I see him. He has everything I like in an ideal Boran bull. In particular, he has both excellent length and good depth. He is broad in the chest and oozes masculinity with his dark neck and prominent eye banks. To round it off, he has that trademark Vastrap strong straight back, excellent strong hocks and a perfect sheath. At last weighing (July 2016) he weighed 820kg. Brave MHB 09-04 will undoubtably make his mark!

Brave MHB 09-04 (poster)

Brave MHB 09-04 (front-on)