Samurai SS 11-31 (Dianna SS 06-03 x Kobra SS 08-61) was purchased from Sandsonia Boran in 2016. His mother, Dianna SS 06-03 (HVT 97-15 x HVT 95-03) is an extraordinary cow – beautiful with a stunning feminine wedge, good length and width and fantastic breeding ability. His father, Kobra is also very impressive.

We believe Samurai impresses both phenotypically and genetically. Dianna’s breeding goes back to 1603 on the sire side and ADC 3746 (Mutara) on the dam side, which is similar to one of our best cow bloodlines, namely Savanna. The Savanna granddam, Savanna TLM 00-03 is also a HVT 95-03 (1603) daughter out of B 96-009 (ADC 8408). Both Savanna and her daughters produced some of the best offspring at Vastrap every year.

Unfortunately, the Savanna bloodline does not flush very well, so we have not been able to multiply this bloodline effectively. With only natural mating, it is also extremely difficult to produce a stud sire that we can re-use in the Vastrap herd since many of the females will be related to a Savanna son bred out of one of our own stud bulls. With his breeding, Samurai is therefore the perfect addition to our herd.

Samurai SS 11-31
Samurai SS 11-31 (Dianna SS 06-03 x Kobra 08-61)
Dianna SS 06-03
Dianna SS 06-03