Each year, Vastrap Boran sells all of its pregnant 7-year old cows at the annual Vastrap Auction. This serves to make our auction strategy as transparent and open as possible. The 2008 offering has a huge diversity of female bloodlines and is, in our opinion, one of our best year-groups. Out of the 16 cows on offer, there are daughters of Hope, Kelly, Rose, Odette & Jackie, amongst others. Please see the posters below for more information about the individual cows on offer.

Please click on the link to download the full auction catalogue – 2015 Vastrap Auction Catalogue

Please click HERE for information about the special transport and quarantine arrangements we have made.

Jackie MHB 08-07Beauty MHB 08-17Hope MHB 08-25Ursula MHB 08-28Ginger MHB 08-33Odette MHB 08-37Odette MHB 08-38Kelly MHB 08-39Jackie MHB 08-47Jackie MHB 08-48Rose MHB 08-54Rose MHB 08-59Odette MHB 08-69B 08-74Katie CI 08-113Liandri CI 08-146






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