We are very excited to present our 2012 crop of bulls on offer at the 2015 Vastrap Auction on 14 August. There are some sons from each of Khan, Griffen, Ollie, Co-Jack and in particular, Rustin sons from various motherlines. This is a great opportunity to obtain some stunning bulls, as well as Marula 25 genetics.

We are only offering 18 of the best performance tested and independently evaluated 3-year old bulls. Over the past three years, Vastrap Bulls have made up a third of all Boran bulls performance tested by Studbook. We pride ourselves in delivering hard muscular bulls that are broad in the chest, have strong straight backs and are highly adaptable.

Please click HERE for information about the special transport and quarantine arrangements we have made.

Please click on the link to download the full auction catalogue – 2015 Vastrap Auction Catalogue.

MHB 11-34VST 11-31VST 12-06 VST 12-14 VST 12-20VST 12-29 VST 12-30VST 12-32 VST 12-34 VST 12-36 VST 12-48 VST 12-52 VST 12-68 VST 12-71 VST 12-76 VST 12-77 VST 12-87VST 12-111 VST 12-112VST 12-121 VST 13-29

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