We are proud to present the final list of performance tested 3-year old Boran bulls that will be on offer at the 2016 Vastrap Auction (in LOT order). These 20 bulls have been selected out of an original year-group of about 70 animals, using a combination of their phase-D veld test performance and their physical evaluation, with genetic diversity playing a smaller role. Vastrap bulls not only encompass the best genetic combinations from proven lines, but have also gone through far more rigorous selection than their fathers ever did. We believe that rigorous selection criteria, which include performance testing contribute to the betterment of the Boran breed. We strive to breed and select hard muscular bulls that are broad in the chest, have strong straight backs and are highly adaptable. We only sell our bulls at 3-years of age so they are 100% ready to work! (see Bull Selection and Performance Testing & Final bull selection for the 2016 Vastrap Auction).

Download a pdf version of all the bull posters – Vastrap BULLS book.pdf

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BULLS(heads & width) BULLS(Width & Heads)VST 13-76VST 13-73VST 13-25VST 13-49VST 13-43VST 13-75VST 13-40VST 14-26VST 14-29

Goliat & Khan sons (VST 14-29 & VST 13-84) showing off their broad chests.
Goliat & Khan sons (VST 14-29 & VST 13-84) showing off their broad chests.

VST 13-84VST 13-123VST 13-27VST 13-110VST 13-78VST 13-74VST 13-32VST 13-37VST 12-70VST 13-102VST 13-103VST 14-23