Judge VST 11-12, a B 04-42 son.
Judge VST 11-12 (B 04-42 x Jackie MHB 08-08)

At Vastrap Boran, we believe strongly in the quality of our young offspring, which has given us the confidence to sell impressive sires like Rustin, Khan MHB 04-27 and Ollie MHB 05-13. Our young bulls not only encompass the best genetic combinations from proven lines, but have also gone through a far more rigorous selection process than their fathers ever did.
Judge VST 11-12 is one of our upcoming stars! The photos do not do him justice – he has the best hind quarters in the business and packs the beef. A bull with bollocks and rump, with great temperament to boot!

Husky MHB 07-09 (Hope's son) and Judge VST 11-12 (B04-42).
Husky MHB 07-09 (Hope’s son) and Judge VST 11-12 (B04-42).

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