Daddy’s little cow girl!

Quentin had an opportunity to give our little almost-one-year-old Livia, a proper introduction to our Boran cows today. She's often seen our herds from the safety of the bakkie and passed them on our daily walks, but today she got up close with her daddy. Boy did she love it! Some of our best cows were … Continue reading Daddy’s little cow girl!

Breeding season has begun!

The first rain of the season heralds the start of our cattle breeding season here in the Eastern Free State. After a good long rest over winter, our bulls have all been tested for fertility and STDs and now they are being put to work with the ladies. Here is group of young heifers, mainly … Continue reading Breeding season has begun!

A cluster of Boran

At Vastrap Boran we've decided to coin a new collective noun for the Boran - a cluster. We think this perfectly describes the strong herd instinct of the Boran. They always stand together in a tight-knit group, which helps them to ward off predators and defend their young.  This attribute also makes it much easier … Continue reading A cluster of Boran

Losing Hope

There are few things more enjoyable than heading out after a long day on the farm to spend some quality time with our main herd of Boran cows. They are usually very happy to see us and come running in their cluster to say hello. Long before Quentin started his cattle stud he always told … Continue reading Losing Hope

Introducing the 2013 Vastrap Boran Sale

We've been very busy finalising our plans for the inaugural Vastrap Boran Sale, which will take place on 16 August at our farm near Ladybrand in the Eastern Free State (click HERE to see where we are located). There is so much to plan and organise, but we are very excited to welcome fellow cattle … Continue reading Introducing the 2013 Vastrap Boran Sale

Touring with the Free State Boran Club

The Free State Boran Club organised a tour to Stompie Olivier (Hotspot Boran), Quentin de Bruyn (Vastrap Boran) and Makena Scheepers (Letselaskraal Boran). This was followed by a Boran stud breeders' course held at Rikus Stander's farm near Marquard (Mount Kenya Boran). The tour was extremely well supported by 21 fellow Boran breeders. It was … Continue reading Touring with the Free State Boran Club

The grass is greener!

It's amazing what a difference rain makes, especially in the usually dull Free State! Earlier this week Quentin did a photo shoot with some of his Boran cows that are being prepared for embryo flushing at Stompie Olivier's farm about 40km from Vastrap near Hobhouse.  Some of these cows will also be on sale at … Continue reading The grass is greener!

Motherly Affection

Boran cows have extremely strong mothering instincts, which make them very protective of their calves. Perhaps this has something to do with their heritage in Kenya of grazing in the veld alongside wild animals (see The Boran: God's Gift to Cattlemen). I saw this first hand one day when I was walking the dogs and … Continue reading Motherly Affection

Hanging with Hope

You have probably gathered by now that we love our Boran cattle. They are so beautiful and serene. Having them on our farm has really added another dimension from a business perspective, but also for the pure enjoyment of them. Our Boran stud was significantly expanded late last year when Vastrap Boran (VST) acquired the … Continue reading Hanging with Hope