Heifer bonding

We spent Easter Monday morning replenishing salt licks and checking on the animals as our staff had the weekend off. These Boran heifers were weaned a month ago and seem to be doing really well.

Easter 056We have seen from visiting other farms that Boran cattle respond very well to a bit of extra care and attention. When time allows, we make an effort to bond with the animals. It’s a slow process, but eventually the effort will pay off and these little beauties will be comfortable with people and have great temperament.

Easter 058

Easter 076

Easter 069

2 thoughts on “Heifer bonding

  1. Hi Quentin and Marisa

    I’ve been just going through your website and i’m really impressed with the way you are runnining your operation, it’s very professional. I would like to find if you sell commercial heifers and what is the going price because i would like to an SP boran bull i just bought.

    I hope your business will grow from strength to strength.

    Kind regards,
    Mpho Masha

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