Auction Countdown

With only two months to go before the inaugural Vastrap Boran auction on 16 August, we’ve been very busy getting things ready on the farm (see 2013 Vastrap Boran Auction). Our cattle facilities have undergone a major upgrade over the past few months and the building is almost complete. The original cattle crush at Vastrap was not built to accommodate the needs of stud cattle, particularly AI and embryo flushing so we thought it was high time for an upgrade.

Original crush more suited to commercial cattle.

We have moved an old unused shed from another part of the farm and it is now covering part of the new cattle crush, which Quentin designed. There is an enclosed area, which includes storage facilities, an embryo lab and kitchen and toilet facilities. All of these will come in very handy in the auction set-up. Lots of the windows and fittings have been recycled from other parts of the farm to reduce wastage. We also have great new loading facilities close to our house, which will save a lot of time and effort, because we previously used facilities on a neighbouring farm.

We’re on track to have everything ready at the start of August. In the meantime, visitors are very welcome at Vastrap any time to view our animals. We look forward to welcoming you at the auction on 16 August – don’t miss it!

The shed going up.
The shed going up.


Loading facilities under construction.
The crush and loading facilities under construction.
Making progress with the walls.
Making progress with the walls.


Loading facilities already in use.
Loading facilities already in use.
A clear-sky cold Free State morning!
A blue-sky cold morning in the Freeze State!

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