Boran x Angus Cross Yields Results!

I am very excited to share the latest weaning results from the Vastrap commercial cross-breeding herd. I have never seen such impressive cow:calf wean ratios as yielded by this group of commercial F1 Boran/Angus cows bred back to Angus bulls. The group yielded an average of 53% for females (with every single […]

Crossbred Boran Feedlot Trial with Sparta

Vastrap Boran participated in a feedlot trial of Boran crossbred weaners with Sparta Beef organised by the Free State Boran Club. The initiative was planned and implemented by Rikus Stander of Mount Kenya Boran. The results are great news for the Boran breed. In particular, the feed conversion rates (FCR), both during backgrounding and the feedlot … Continue reading Crossbred Boran Feedlot Trial with Sparta