2019 Vastrap Auction Catalogue

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Final Lot Order

***New weights as of 14 August:

Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 07.31.01Each year we offer 20 of Vastrap’s best veld raised, phase D performance tested 3-year old bulls. They are sons of top South African stud bulls including: Khan, Impi, Rustin, Griffen, Eros, Kleinslag & Zambucca! We pride ourselves in delivering hard muscular bulls that are broad in the chest, have strong straight backs and are highly adaptable. We have something for everyone – stud and commercial breeders alike.

The average price of bulls sold at the 2018 Vastrap Auction was R44’000 (highest price R100’000); 2017 was R43’000 and R39,000 in 2016.

Our bulls go through a three-step process of evaluation in an effort to offer only the best quality. First, Studbook performance testing on veld conditions. Second, inspection by the Boran society to eliminate those with structural faults. And lastly, a more detailed inspection and grading by a group of fellow Boran breeders. After each evaluation round the poorest performers are slaughtered. All our bulls are DNA tested and parentage verified.

Our policy at Vastrap Boran is to collect as accurate data as possible on every single animal, including birth weight, wean weight and the mother’s weight at weaning. We also collect 12 month and 18 month weights. In addition, since 2011 Vastrap has put 95% of its bull calves through the Studbook administered phase-D veld performance test, which provides additional important information such as testes development, muscling, meat yield and marbling to name a few. Vastrap alone has contributed over 35% of all the recorded phase-D bulls tested in the Boran stud industry.

Bull selection & performance testing

The importance of accurate EBVs in animal selection

5B VST 16-51

12. VST 16-101

13. VST 16-148

15. VST 16-76

18. VST 16-166

19. VST 16-93

22. VST 16-35

29. VST 16-60

30. VST 16-146

34. VST 16-61

35. VST 16-66

45. VST 16-89

46. VST 16-92

47. VST 16-94

48. VST 16-149

50. EG 16-42

58.VST 16-134

61. BH 16-217

71. VST 16-34

72. VST 16-86

73. VST 16-147