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The 2nd Vastrap Boran auction will take place on Friday, 15 August 2014 at Vastrap Farm near Ladybrand in the Eastern Free State. Our inaugural auction last year was extremely well supported and we take pride in the fact that 100% of the animals offered were sold.


This year Vastrap Boran will be selling all of our registered and pregnant 2007 cows (no exceptions) and 20 of our best performance tested 2011 bulls. This includes our poster-girl Cindy MHB 07-10 and others from the Hope, Savanna and Jackie bloodlines. Click HERE for more information on the individual cows. By placing all of our pregnant 2007 cows on auction you can be guaranteed that we are not being selective. The 2007 group of cows is by far the best year group at Vastrap. There will also be a selection of top quality heifers on offer, from bloodlines not represented in the 2007 cows, such as Odette, Rose and Lilly.

The timing of the sale in mid-August lends itself to bull sales. We are offering 20 of our best performance tested 2011 bulls, sons of Rustin MHB 06-30 (Marula 25); Khan MHB 04-27 (786); Voorslag TLM 02-03 (2459); B 04-42; Metusaleg and new Kenyan genetics from K6K 3534 and K6K 3460. Click HERE for more information about the individual bulls on offer. These bulls have gone through a three-step process of evaluation in an effort to offer only the best quality. First, inspection by the Boran society. Second, a more detailed inspection and grading by a group of fellow Boran breeders, and lastly performance testing. After each evaluation round the poorest performers are slaughtered and only 20 of the top bulls from an original group of 50 will be offered at the auction. By doing this we endeavour to provide bulls that will be good ambassadors for both Vastrap Boran and the Boran breed as a whole (see Putting our Bulls to the Test).

Vastrap Auction Catalogue 2014