Our Philosophy

Our motto at Vastrap Boran is: “To measure is to know “. The Afrikaans saying says it even better: “As jy nie meet nie, dan weet jy nie!”

Our Practice

Every single male SP Boran at Vastrap is put through a phase-D veld performance test administered by Studbook. The last time we checked over 40% of all the Boran bulls that have been phase-D tested were Vastrap animals. The importance of these phase-D tests cannot be overstated enough. The amount of data and reliability serves to build accuracy of the EBVs of the Vastrap herd. These EBV’s are crucial aids to enable informed decisions to be made with regard to purchasing bulls and cows that conform to a particular breeding objective or to address short-comings in one’s own herd. We can say with confidence that there is not a single Boran herd with higher EBV accuracy than the Vastrap herd.

Our Auction Offering

We pride ourselves in delivering hard muscular bulls that are broad in the chest, have strong straight backs and are highly adaptable. Every year we sell only 20 of our best, performance tested 3 year old bulls at the Vastrap Auction.

The average price of bulls sold at the 2019 Vastrap Auction was R60’500 with two bulls reaching an exceptionally high price of R200’000! In 2018 the average price for bulls at the Vastrap Auction was R44’000 (highest price R100’000); in 2017 it was R43’000 and R39,000 in 2016. We are proud that our bulls have been sold to some of the top Boran breeders in Southern Africa (Bos Blanco, Chantemar, Bosiu Borane, Brenaissance, Faurzyl, Model Borane, Frontier Boran, B Hurwitz Farming, Biewenga Boran amongst others).

Vastrap bulls are also popular with less well known breeders and emerging farmers who are looking for good quality animals to beef up their herds. We truly have something for everyone and the same selection process applies to all our bulls, whether for stud or commercial use.

Our Guarantee

Our bulls go through a three-step process of evaluation in an effort to offer only the best quality. First, Studbook performance testing on veld conditions. Second, inspection by the Boran society to eliminate those with structural faults. And lastly, a more detailed inspection and grading by a group of fellow Boran breeders. After each evaluation round the poorest performers are slaughtered. By doing this we endeavour to provide bulls that will be good ambassadors for both Vastrap Boran and the Boran breed as a whole (see Bull Selection & Performance Testing). All our bulls are also DNA tested and parentage verified (see The importance of parentage verification through DNA testing). 

Our policy at Vastrap Boran is to collect as accurate data as possible on every single animal, including birth weight, wean weight and the mother’s weight at weaning. We also collect 12 month and 18 month weights. In addition, since 2011 Vastrap has put 95% of its bull calves through the Studbook administered phase-D veld performance test, which provides additional important information such as testes development, muscling, meat yield and marbling to name a few. Vastrap alone has contributed over 35% of all the recorded phase-D bulls tested in the Boran stud industry (see The importance of accurate EBVs in animal selection).

Please contact us for further information or visit us on the farm to pick the right bull for your herd!

Bulls Flyer

12. VST 16-101
VST 16-101: Sold for R200’000 to Martin Joubert, Full Blood Genetics.
47. VST 16-94
VST 16-94: Sold for R200’000 to Rohan Neethling, Namibia.
VST 15-74
2018 Vastrap Auction: VST 15-74 sold for R100’000 to Sfiso Shezi
VST 15-70
2018 Vastrap Auction: VST 15-70 sold for R85’000 to Theron Family Trust.
VST 15-124
2018 Vastrap Auction: VST 15-124 sold for R65’000 to Gert Oosthuisen
2017 Vastrap Auction: Kingston VST 12-28 sold for R60’000 to Ockert Werner Model Borane.
2017 Vastrap Auction: VST 14-34 sold for R50’000 to Ockert Werner Model Borane.
2017 Vastrap Auction: VST 14-49 sold for R48’000 to Dr Ben Spies.
2017 Vastrap Auction: VST 15-27 sold for R45’000 to B Hurwitz farming.